What is a Traffic ticket?

A traffic ticket is a notification that one has committed a minor
legal infraction, for which a fine must be paid, and/or an
appearance in court must be made (See: summons). Typically
this means a parking ticket for parking in an unlawful manner
or allowing a parking meter to expire, or a ticket for a moving
violation such as speeding.

A ticket trap is where police deliberately set up in a place
where motorists are likely to break the law, even if just on a
technicality. This may include places where the speed limit is
set too low (called a speed trap), or where there is an
intersection with an awkward or confusing design. Often, this
is used to earn extra money for a municipality, such as a poor
rural town or county. This is also often illegal under the laws
of the state, province, or other jurisdiction the municipality is
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